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Misadventures In Nutrition

One girl's journey for health and fitness

Miss Independent
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I have come here, into this little internet cublicle, to document my resolution for 2008 to finally be the year where I make positive changes in my health and fitness - changes that I hope will allow me to lose around 50 lbs.

A little background:
First and foremost, I absolutely adore food. I love eating, cooking, smelling, looking at, thinking about...food. Unfortunately, this love has also turned into somewhat of a compulsive behavior as well and I noticed that I overeat when prompted with stress and, especially boredom.

For most of my life, I have been overweight. I am one of those people that has never really known what it's like to be thin. When I was in high school, I was at my heaviest - 235 lbs. This is what happens when you date a chef, people! I lost around 40 lbs of that by doing Weight Watchers. As life happened, I eventually stopped going to Weight Watchers. I did manage to keep that weight off (until recently, but more on that later) but could not lose any more.

You name a diet/fitness fad, I've tried it. WW, Curves, Atkins, South Beach (which went horribly day 1 after someone told me tomato sauce was unacceptable. ::gasp::). I've tried eating 500 calories a day (I'm pretty sure I had an eating disorder in college), laxatives, going vegan, etc. Nothing worked for me in the long run because I couldn't stick to anything!

In my old (ahem...25...ahem) age, I've come to terms with the fact that I just want to be healthy. This has been recently even more spurred by the fact that I quit smoking (!!). Unfortunately, quitting smoking made me gain a lot of weight and today, as I type here, the scale is tipping at 222 lbs.

I am trying to be a more fit, healtier person and I am refusing to do this with a "diet." I hope to completely change my relationship with food and exercise so that they become something I have control over.

Before I quit smoking, I was around 190 lbs (and losing). I do have the means to purchase my own food and, best of all, my live-in boyfriend is also trying to dedicate himself to a healther 2008. I am very grateful for those factors and I am hoping they help encourage me. Expect to hear a lot about those factors in here, as well as recipes, shopping lists, etc.

Last but not least, feel free to add me! I would love to meet some new friends - especially because I have found that reading other people's nutritional blogs definitely motivates me and I hope to do the same for you.